Discover Healthy Recipes - Eating the Caveman Way

The Paleo Recipe books are changing people's lives everyday just by going back to eating the way our Cavemen ancestors did. Humans have been eating off the land since the beginning of our existence. Eating natural foods from the earth.

The Paleolithic diet, otherwise known as the ancestral human diet is not new, in fact, it's the way our ancestors ate for thousands of years before the development of agriculture. The Paleo Recipe books are based on "Paleolithic eating" or "hunter-gatherer eating". The nutritional plan consists mostly of wild plants, vegetables, fruits, fish, roots, nuts and grass-fed pasture raised meats. Because a Paleolithic diet stems from the Paleolithic Age, before the dawn of agriculture, foods such as legumes, grains, dairy, salt, refined sugar and processed foods are not included on the menu.

It wasn't until up to 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic Revolution (the first agricultural revolution) humans began eating foods such as beans, cereals and dairy products. During the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th to early 19th centuries, refined foods, oils, and processed foods were introduced. Since the Industrial Revolution, our food consumption has changed from earth based, natural to processed and canned.

Because of these dietary changes, it has been theorized that by consuming refined foods, sugars and oils, has contributed to the cause for diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases and others. In later years, with humans developing more and more of these diseases, researchers have gone back to the drawing board.

We have found that eating natural foods from the land can help you increase energy levels, lose weight, increase your sex drive, improve skin tone, but most importantly, natural foods are a way to prevent the diseases often caused by eating refined and processed foods.

Today, people are more health conscience than ever before. Thus, changing their lives and health by eating more natural foods; foods the human body was designed to consume.

The Paleo Recipe books have grown much more in popularity due to the demand for healthier recipes. For people who want to follow the Paleolithic lifestyle, The Paleo Recipe books contain all the tools necessary to do it. Create simple, tasty recipes your body will crave.

The recipes are given with clear step by step instructions that allow you to create quick, easy meals. The recipe books also include hundreds of easy healthy recipes and the tools to create those fast, simple, delicious dishes.

There are 8 recipe categories to choose from such as snacks, meat, chicken, fish and seafood, soups, salads, omelets and desserts. Easily change your eating habits without having to worry about lengthy preparation.


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