Keep Your New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight With the Paleo Diet Cookbook

Are you tired of not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Have you tried everything without getting the long term results you want? Do you want to lose weight for once and for all this year, no excuses, no ifs, ands or buts? If this speaks to you, continue reading. In this article I we will explore why most diets fail, and how the Paleo Diet Cookbook overcomes these obstacles.

Why Most Diets Fail

You get tired of the same thing 
Really, how may times can you eat a diet bar for lunch and a dry chicken breast and carrot sticks for dinner.

Unrealistic Restrictions 
This is a big one, diets that require you to stay under 800 calories a day, or to replace meals with shakes or meal bars are too strict and never work for the long run.

No education on how to change eating habits 
Some diets fail because although you may follow the guidelines for a diet, or eat the meals that were pre-made and distributed by your diet program, you are lost the minute you are left to your own devices.

Weight loss is the focus not health 
Many diets are focused on losing weight, but don't come close to helping you meet your nutritional needs. When your nutritional needs are not met, you have intense cravings, making it impossible to keep weight off.

Why the Paleo Diet Cookbook Works

Endless Options 
In the Paleo Diet Cookbook, there are over 370 recipes which are nutritious and delicious including things like: 
-Beef Kabobs with BBQ Eggplant 
-Mustard Glazed Drumsticks with Creamy Coleslaw and even 
-Double Chocolate Cookies

It's easier to stick to a plan when there's so much goodness to choose from; you will never feel deprived.

Realistic Plan You Can Stick To 
There is no calorie counting involved and you actually get to have foods you can sink your teeth into. This is not a meal replacement situation, because there is no reason to replace meals that are both yummy and healthy.

Learn How to Eat Right 
By using the Paleo Diet Cookbook, you will learn what foods to eat to keep your body at its optimum health. You will also have fun exploring foods that you may have never eaten before such as: 
-Chicken Liver with Grapes and Onions 
-Tripe soup with ginger sauce and mint or 
-Apple cinnamon omelet

This cookbook expands your food options rather than limits them.

Health Focus 
Unlike diets that focus on weight loss the Paleo Diet Cookbook focus is on meeting your nutritional needs by eating the natural, wholesome foods that mother nature has provided for us. When you are eating healthily, you will lose weight without having to obsess over it. You also wont have terrible cravings that drive you to binge eating.

Keeping your New Year's Resolution to lose weight doesn't have to feel impossible, it can be fun, exciting and obtainable.


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